At Project Impact we combine cutting edge technology, rigorous data analysis, and a highly expert team curated specifically for your project's needs.

Once we’ve connected with your team to understand the unique goals of your project we work with you to craft a custom Scope of Work. Every Project Impact strategy is designed around cycles of Development, Implementation, Evaluation and Innovation to ensure you have a comprehensive strategy for a dynamic, agile campaign.


Develop – 1
Editorial consulting
Evidence-based communication strategies to link your topic with your target audience
Develop – 2
Expert vetting
Ground-truthing and sourcing the right people on the right subject
Develop – 3
Market research
Insights and guidance on the landscape + what messages for which audience, where
Develop – 4
Asset creation
Fact-based digital content, infographics, social assets, and education materials
Implement – 1
Digital & Live events
Strategic events for policy makers, NGOs, and public engagement
Implement – 2
Strategic asks
Fundraising, calls to action, and activations to drive meaningful actions and solutions
Implement – 3
Integrated UX Strategy
Cross-platform CRM campaigns that build, retain, and activate via data-driven user journeys
Implement – 4
Cross-Platform Engagement
Fully integrated website and social impact campaigns based on organic + paid reach strategies
Evaluate – 1
Real-Time Dashboard
Digital dashboard metrics inform real-time analyses and provide global insights on the performance of specific strategies
Evaluate – 2
Audience Insights
Focus groups, social polling, and social platform activity to reveal trends in audience behaviour and preferences
Evaluate – 3
Content Testing
A/B testing of digital and marketing content to ensure creative decisions and ad spends are timely and informed
Evaluate – 4
Global Trend Response
Real-time monitoring of key words and trending search terms informs opportunities to find and engage audiences around trending topics
Innovate – 1
Formative Evaluation
Mid-project evaluations inform smart, timely pivots for deeper impact and better return on investment
Innovate – 2
Case Study Reporting
Comprehensive end-of-project reporting gives actionable insight on KPIs to inform strategic growth
Innovate – 3
Best Practice Research
Evaluation research can be funded by granting/gov agencies and made available to investors/funders as market/audience insights
Innovate – 4
Industry Leadership
Metrics, case studies, and talking points for funders, peers, and partners which distinguish your project as an industry innovator

This scientifically rigorous process ensures that the creative assets and activations around your campaign are rooted in measurable, progress-oriented strategies. We utilise the best digital dashboards, social listening tools, and data science for real-time monitoring and frequent “market testing” of your calls-to-action to ensure we are reactive, nimble, and always on-point.

We provide comprehensive reports and impact insights throughout your marketing and publicity window, positioning your project to not only make a difference, but be recognized for it. Project Impact works with distributors, publicists, and comms teams to help position your story, and its campaign, for industry awards, grants, sponsorships, and top tier news coverage.

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Our campaigns have appeared in premier international media outlets


Project Impact crafts strategies scaffolded on four key pillars which we believe are the foundation of a comprehensive approach to delivering authentic impact.


Narrative Strategy

Integrating research-based storytelling strategies linked to subject literacy and behaviour change.
  • Work with creative leads to identify and develop story threads which will catalyse the impact goals.
  • Map parallels between local characters and stories with relevance to broader global crises or movements to maximize potential engagement.


Top-Down Strategy

Engaging decision-makers uniquely positioned to move the needle forward on issues central to your project.
  • Host screenings and events for regional, national and international policy-makers (e.g. United Nations, CITES, CoP, World Economic Forum, national governments, town halls, etc)
  • Integrate an Impact Communications Strategy to mobilize politicians, decision makers, and stakeholders through traditional news and publicity outlets.


Grassroots Strategy

Amplifying key NGOs and frontline heroes best positioned to benefit from, and carry forward, the momentum of the campaign.
  • Cross-promote the project and issue via social media, events, group sales, publicity and collaborative campaigns with key partners.
  • Craft platforms for public audiences to find, follow, and support the frontline heroes or organisations driving change.


Public Activation Strategy

Catalysing public momentum around the project to accelerate progress across the three pillars above.
  • Launch rigorous calls-to-action and engagement campaigns on social media, and through public partnerships, with brands, influencers, and movements.
  • Empower public audiences to both participate in and drive events, digital campaigns, and parallel movements to create a groundswell of activity fueling viral global attention and engagement.
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